Friday, July 04, 2008

Post Titled: cardboard birdhouse shit
Post Subtitled: July 4 Non-fiction: speaking as eloquently as the topic deserves: on the matter of condos

bikeriding to Moabit from Xberg we hit a stretch somewhere around Klingelhöferstraße and took a shortcut through a fairly new condo development... complete effing birdhouse(s). I shouted back with the wind to Johannes "Look, we are back in Amerrrrika!" rolling the "R" like an American Tail. It was so gnarly to see that sort of barnicle growing here.
Then I saw this banner ad for the kopernikus höfe lofts (or kopernikushöfe)lofts in Friedrichshain,Berlin- same , man. wannabe Minimalist iHouse bullsh*t. God help us. Seattle is/was swallowed whole by the condo plague, the "developmental" invasion, extraction and extermination of decades of culture and mood which had been created by the people and the places they frequented in any given neighborhood. -like a fat bully who sits on a kid to pound him into an unconscious pulp: a bunch of real-estate goons sniff-out that cool, lamely try to brand it with "leben am hotspot" (until your antiseptic ass smothers the "hotspot"- but who cares, the condos are already sold-out by then), they leech off the area's reputation, slurping it up for marketing purposes and before you know it - POOF - all there are are shitty asshole yuppies in shitty asshole yuppie condo birdhouses. paracite moves on to find new land adn build new crap. ok, so...that can't happen to Berlin just yet, it just isn't possible... the local economy can't support it -but in 20 years... mh, lookout. ja ja: "leben am hotspot motherfuckers." I guess my brain keeps getting tickled -especially when i ride past that pink place on Rosa-Luxemborg, what's it called? Parfumed GermAsianVagina PeaPod Lofts or something?
effing apartments in berlin... damn logo dumb slogan.


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Blogger EEJ said...

I saw a couple such developments when I was there last summer... one on Bergmannstrasse, which pissed me off and another nearish to Rosenthalerstrasse, trying to pass itself off as leben im gallerieviertel or something, even though it was in a really random part of the area and not really near anything good. It totally sucks. Are there just more and more yuppies all the time or are there, somewhere, shells of rotting, deserted condos in formerly-hip neighborhoods?

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