Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Post Titled: not doomed to repeat itself afterall, eh?
(pssst; this is just a still, full video down below)

Occasionally it seems that history is suppressed or erased... actually, it probably happens pretty-much constantly. In terms of film and video and changing popular attitudes and political correctnesses... there are sometimes some very interesting things going on...
z.B. someone told me recently that Humphrey "Bogie" Bogart's smoking has been digitally removed from a new version of Casablanca... I!ll have to look into that claim, but maybe someday soon there will be a DVD menu option- "Smoking or Non-Smoking" anyhow, here is a "banned" WWII Donald Duck Nazi cartoon called The Spirit Of '43 which I found
somewhere online. (It is actually nothing compared to some of the really insanely racist Looney Tunes cartoons which were still played on German television into the 1990s)
wonder if, when and how long it will take Disney's PR Bounty Hunters to track me down on this one... sorry, folks, but this is history. I don't even find it offensive (well, that isn't saying much since I don't really find ANYthing offensive) but T see the practical need for wartime solidarity, even if it is in the form of those familiar Disney characters feeding us government propaganda...


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Anonymous Hitler the Duck said...

That is unacceptable for Mr Bogart - smoking is completely part of the aesthetic rather than promoting smoking for kiddies (and what kiddies rent Casablanca/steal it online anyway?)

Removing smoking from DVDs seems like the work of a Nazi Duck. Get em!

3:45 pm  

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