Friday, July 18, 2008

why is it that when you have, like, +50 GB of downloaded movies from the internet which you still haven't seen that the videostore still beckons...? some kind of comforting materialism
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Blogger Mifune said...

Hey, it's Mithridates (name changed b/c I thought I was starting a new blog unconnected w/ my other net identity). Anyway, YEAH, I have a similar problem with Netflix and the local video store. I have about fifty movies on my queue, but the thing is, by the time some of these movies move to the top of the queue, I don't want to see them anymore. I DID want to see them but it took too damn long. Sometimes I need a movie IMMEDIATELY. Also, there is something about a comforting materialism: the air conditioned video store, the sloppy teenager working the counter, all the colorful posters and video cases. I love browsing. Like the library. To me there's nothing like feeling your way around a place, holding the book or movie in your hand, turning it over, deciding. The way I approach Netflix is too targeted, like the way I approach Amazon: I know what I want, I get it. I don't discover things by mistake (though you can browse in both, I just don't feel like it's the same).

Anyway anyway. You might enjoy MY KID COULD PAINT THAT. Good little doc about supposed 4 yr old phenom abstract painter, which turns into a film about the frenzy surrounding this family after the possibility arises that she didn't really make these paintings. (We also just watched NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, which is better than I remembered; Javier Bardem still makes me feel like he's administering a million small electrical shocks to my skin, he's soooooo creepy.)

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