Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Exhibit A: I got my impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed, afterwards when my cheeks were two softball-sized bloody messes they gave me tylenol. tylenol... to deal with the pain. when the wounds were re-opened during air pressure change during a plane-ride several weeks later I found myself in LA's Cedars-Sinai on a morphine drip watching Endless Summer 2 on a tiny TV they had put right in front of my face-.

Exhibit B: Johannes gets into a bad bike accident,
he is prescribed six (count 'em: 6) IBUPROFEN to "USE ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY" -what the hell
so, dear readers, if anyone has any leftover painkillers please send them our way- clearly we need to stockpile ahead of time for our future injuries.
the American Healthcare system may be complete crap, but at least they give you drugs for serious pain, what is up with the wince-and-bear-it attitude here???

oh, and in my iGoogle I get Quotes of the day, and... honestly this bizarre grouping shocked me this morning...

Quotes of the Day- Alba, Einstein, & Chaplin


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