Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Titled: Letters from (and then to) Barack
So, yea- I was feeling like a jackass on my work break this morning. I#m italics:

"Paul --

As you may have heard, 10 supporters will be joining me backstage before I accept the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
I know, man. I heard. You emailed me like two dozen times in the past 3 days asking for $5. In case you'll notice, if you've checked your email I haven't asked you for money. Ever.

I'm pleased to announce that those supporters have been selected, and I wanted to tell you a little about them.
Lucky ducks.Did you hook me up with some supporters while you were at it? Because I need some support, too.

The people who make up our movement are of all different ages, races, and backgrounds -- and these folks are no different.
People do come in all shapes, sizes and colors, don't they-?

Lenny is a former naval officer from Emerald Isle, NC. Wait- not THE Emrald Isle? Then you could really play up the Irish O'bama bit that one....
Barb is a teacher married to a farmer in Fallon, MT.
Quaint.I lived near O'Fallon, IL once. ...O'.
James is a law student in Massillon, OH. Oh, ok- cool... where is Ohio? And Anne is a retired budget analyst from Indianapolis. Thinking: *you got me there.*

John from Boulder, CO, believes developing alternative energy is the answer to an array of policy problems. Duuude, that's because John is from Boulder, CO. And Kayla from West Fargo, ND, didn't feel like she could ever be part of the political process -- until now. Well, she's just visiting you backstage like a groupie, -not headlining and/or selling out the effing arena. -äy.
Dated a girl from Fargo once... good people. Dunno about W. Fargo, though.

They each bring their own unique perspectives and experience, and they are united by their hunger for change. The word "hunger" always reminds me of that David Bowie movie with Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve... or those commercials of starving Ethopians from the 1980s. Hunger HUNGER. By the way- when I have kids can you take them ice skating? I'll pay.

You can read more about these amazing people below. Or I'll just google them and see how cool they really are.
Ok, I will. (Wait- I was supposed to say that... beat me to it on that one, sly bastard.)I'm looking forward to it- might I add..
I'm looking forward to meeting them at the Open Convention, Buy me a plane ticket, bro. You got cash. You want more of my love you gotta buy me a ticket. and I hope you will join us in sharing this important moment.
But Barack, man, I ...I can't, it is in Colorado and I am in Berlin. I'll try to stream it through as seen through a camera in your visionary bionic left eye, but I have a pretty slow internet connection---

If you cannot make it to Denver, you can get together with your friends and family and watch my acceptance speech at a Convention Watch Party. I have no friends or family, you are my only hope. It's going to be a big night, Big like big... sky. Stars... and stuff? and you can join millions of supporters across the country to make it a success.

Sign up to host or attend a Convention Watch Party in your community on Thursday, August 28th: Well, I don't have a tv but the 24-hour bar across the street does... can I convince dying alcoholics to watch American politics on tv in the middle of the night?... we'll see...

http://my.barackobama.com/organizeforchange Ok, I'll try.

Thank you for your belief in our ability to bring real change to this country. I never said that. You continue to grow and strengthen our movement in ways no one thought possible. Whoawhoawhoa- hey don't get ahead of yourself there, buddy.


Barack Obama schrieb:"


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