Monday, September 15, 2008

Post Titled: Broken
Until 5 days ago I hadn't even really seen the Family Guy, despite good friends recommending it to me (for at least
the past 5-6 years) but now I have watched 11 episodes. Somehow you get sucked into this stuff in this buildup of
word-of-mouth peer pressure and cultural curiosity. Honestly, the brief clips I had seen previously didn't impress me
in the least- and overall it is a random, nihilistic sort of show- but then again- ...Mithridates had it in Night Hauling aaaannnnnddddd... my roomate downloaded
it... soooooit must be ok-
so yea, the Star Wars episode (which Georgie recommended) is pretty amazing- alsmot startling (since I know the film
frame-by-frame) at how accurate some of the sequences are (sound effects and music are ripped directly from the original
film and many of the starship sequences must've just been drawn-over from the original film)
There was something terribly satisfying about all this familiarity- and somehow even the gay jokes didn't really
ruin it... overall it made me think about what a great film Episode 4 is... and then sink into a very deep 15 second
depression when thinking about Episodes 1-3. My uncle saw Star Wars 9 times in the theater in 1977, Sam Weir from Freaks
and Geeks saw it 28 times in the theater... I wonder how many times I would've seen it...
walked around Kreuzberg and Neuk├Âlln for 2 hours yesterday nursing a hangover and listening to Weekend America, there was a fleahmarket in the street near my apt. got a Chinese bootleg (actually, maybe it is an official
release?) of "My Summer of Love" from an old lesbian couple -I'm particularly attached to this film not only because I think it is really quite good,
but also because I met/chatted
a bit with Emily Blunt after the movie premiered at the Seattle Filmfest several (4-5?) years ago, she was just standing there sort of looking around, we even became myspace friends (woo-hoo) then suddenly she vaulted to popularity because of her role as the evil secretary in "The Devil Wears Prada." Deleted me as a myspace friend (or deleted her acct?) dunno. I still really like her, though- she's a good actress. Looks kind of like a young Jane Seymour type. The other actress, Nathalie Press, in "My Summer of Love" delivers an amazing performance. As Ms. Blunt mentioned- she (Press) is actually a very proper well-spoken girl in real life, but one would ever guess that given how convincingly she play a small-town Yorkshire "working-class tomboy." (as IMDB put it) Here is a bit of the film:

oh, wow- it is Matt Damon talking shit about Palin. Thanks, Matt, -you have come a long long way since Team America.
I'm still probably not going to watch your movies, but thanks. Actually, after Franka Potente died in Bourne - I tuned out...

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Blogger Mithridates said...

Yeah, FG is a reeeeeeeally guilty pleasure. It has moments of absolute effing hilarity - and then sometimes it's over-the-line offensive or just stupid. I like how the whole world of the show is deliberately unoriginal, just a heap of recycled sitcoms. I hated it for a long time and then I think I saw one where the baby was beating up the dog Goodfellas style (one great feature of the show is the tremendous long and violent fight scenes) and another where the dog taught high school English (one of his students says inside his tough exterior is a boy yearning to learn, and inside that boy is a rapist), and decided that maybe there was something to this show that had way too much of a frat boy following. The show I always recommend - not sure if you're familiar with it - is Arrested Development. THAT is the best sitcom ever.

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