Friday, September 12, 2008

Post Titled: Lil' Bush

Auuugh, she's just like a Little Bush!
My German colleague and I were talking yesterday about how odd it is if an American politician is well-spoken, well educated, reasonable and fairly intelligent then they are labeled an "elitist", whereas if they come across as a bit dumb, slightly illogical, and fairly clueless (wit the exception of meaningless party line mantras) on many issues then they are more -well- (what is the word?) electable? The only way my mind can justify that is perhaps: in the "land of equality" the public does truly desire to see someone who is more like them in the Oval Office, rather than some college boy. In Germany on the other hand you basically must be an elitist to even be eligible for the job- so it seems. They wouldn't want some non-expert redneck nobody in charge who clearly has no idea what they are doing, would they? I mean, I am definitely not a fan of the German caste system, (which totally exists, by the way- granted it is a comfortable and somewhat more humane caste system than most) and in which everyone more or less has their place in society and seems to stay there and then have children who stay there- but on the other hand the American system definitely has its weirdness... like, I am not opposed to person x rising up out of their situation to become a millionaire, billionaire, or even president- that is great- BUT... BUT BUT BUT... there are always cases were you wish that person hadn't made it quite so far.

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