Friday, September 12, 2008

Post TIlted: WHoa whoa whoa


So, I got ridiculed at the video store last night for the first time ever. What happened:
It has been awhile since I've watched Berlin Berlin, last left off at the end of Season 2
and I realized that they randomly had season 3 at @HOME - the privately owned video
place on Hasenheide- sooooo, bringing the little tag to the desk, the guy retrieved the disc
and showed it to me to confirm. "Ist das mit Absicht?" to make sure he was renting me out the correct DVD-
"Jaaa... " I said sheepishly, -yes, with my best shrug of: i consciously and intentionally am renting this- unable to mutter any other defense, slowly cringing at havig been outed
the guy drinking beer at the counter- a foreigner in his early thiries jumped to life: "what- what is it???"
stretching over the counter he strained to read the DVD label "Äyyh?" his face skewed-up?
Oh.mein.gott. lemme outta here lemmeouttahere. I thought, oh- but: no, they had a new computer system and they had
to update my information- very veryyyy slowly, meanwhile the line is building up behind me and the Berlin Berlin dvd is clearly visible in front of the guy, whos is smirking- I don't know WHY I care what people think about this- usually I wouldn't, but for some reason, this ridicule was particularly awkward- and I was trapped.
Fortunately the account is in Nadine's name, so I was sort-of able to imply that MAYBE I was renting it for my
wife. Ugh. usually I wouldn't care... but for some reason this time it was just sort of horrifying.- like, this would be the equivalent of renting Dawson's Creek on DVD... at a videostore which isn't a great-great videostore, nor it is pretentious like some of the ones in Seattle, but this place does have a Director's section- ow.
Anyhow, (think I have mentioned this before, but) Berlin Berlin is so weird. The main driver of season 2 and now 3 is whether or not the main character -Lola, placed by Felicitas Woll, should choose to be with the nice handsome boy she met art art school- or her COUSIN. her first cousin. she sleeps with both of them back and forth adn can't make up her mind. Meanwhile, me- as a person who has grown up socially to regard one's cousin as AS off-limits as one's own siblings- is just like "DUH! C'mon Felicitas! whaaa?!?" Nevertheless, the cousin's best friend is thrilled to hear that they have gotten together,and is very supportive, meanwhile the art school boy is very very peeved that his girlfriend is %&$#ing her cousin.
Jury says: EEEEWWWWWW. wow. whoa whoa whoa. ewwww.

Oh, yea- 99.9 % sure that the Palin image above is photoshopped but it is awesome anyhow... Sarah Palin in an American Flag bikini with a rifle. C'mon America, just like Feliticas &%$§ing her cousin: eeeew, don't do it- don't vote for this broad and her white-haired monkey!

Is Hotel Chevalier über pretentious? I just don't know... it is now on my iPod...


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Anonymous zero said...

found this on today:

"Ab und zu stößt der Exportboom deutscher Filme freilich auch an Grenzen. Als einige US-Verleiher Dani Levys jüdische Familienkomödie "Alles auf Zucker!" sahen, nahmen sie Abstand von ihrem Plan, den Film zu kaufen. Denn darin sind Cousin und Cousine beim Sex zu sehen - in Teilen der USA gilt das als Inzest."

the article about german directors working in hollywood and reouched nipples on inland flights ends with:

"Man müsse auf Kulturschocks gefasst sein, wenn man in den USA arbeitet, (...)."

- this might as well be true for living and working in berlin ;)

have a nice weekend!

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