Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post Titled: Kohleheizung: 'bout that time again.
some of us (paperpools will feel my pain on this one) still have coal heating, and guess what? the temperature has dropped drastically over the past week!- which means it will soon be time to fire-up the ol' coal ovens in each of the rooms... only problem is that since last firing the tops of all ovens have become storage spaces-- (see above, the bedroom oven)
anyhow, just to make this post more than one big whine should mention where I buy coal, but don't have that info on me...
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Blogger Helen DeWitt said...

I just had the Schornsteinfeger in today to clean mine. I have to order coal. Rolf, my upstairs neighbour, says he will give me tips.

5:36 pm  

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