Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post Titled: Large Hadron Collider-
Dan wrote:"apparently it switches on at about 8am British time tomorrow. good luck man... hopefully we'll all still be here tomorrow


Would it "BOOM" or "*SLUUUUURP*" as we all get sucked into mini black holes?? and where the hell is Douglas Adams to make fun of all this??? dammit. REALLLLLY don't want to get sucked into the French-Swiss border. really not.
Reminds me of the lyrics "Its not eternal, imperishable- oh yes it will go..." from the song WOW AND FLUTTER
(pssst- ooh, speaking of French- someone put Miss Modular to images of Breathless! nice.)

So, 8 am (GMT) is 9 am here, the exact time that I have to be at work, so I#ll just take my sweet time, have a nice bike-ride and maybe even feed the stupid swans and cute ducks at the ufer on my way to wrok JUST IN CASE we are all about to get sucked into a black hole, in which case you nor I nor this blog will exist any longer.

FYI: (for the folks who haven't read me posting about CERN several times already) The Hadron Collider is built by CERN: Welcome to CERN,
the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

Here are some images from a BBC show called The BIG BANG

I don't actually think this will happen, actually- since listening to NPR's SCIENCE FRIDAY the other day I am really not afraid at all... not really, but there is a slight chance. SEE:
Large Hadron Collider Set to Start Up (broadcast Friday, August 29th, 2008) there's even a hip-hop video about it. Not bad.
anyhow, just came across thsi photo of the beach in Poland- it wasn't sunny, very windy, but warm adn people were unphased(sp?) check the baby. (it is checking you)

Holy moly, Alicia just sent the much-anticipated link to Technoviking from the Fuck Parade... maybe the world SHOULD end-
Davis and i accidentally happened upin the Fuck Parade last summer- like, 2 dozen flatbed trucks with DJs on them moving verrrrrrrrry slowly from Kreuzberg to/trough Friedrichshain. Anyhow, here it is, keep an eye on the jiggling man-boobs. Fascinating... KNEECAM No.1 - the original Technoviking tape

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