Monday, October 20, 2008

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George W. Bush to appear in the role of Josh Brolin for upcoming "Goonies 2" film.

I just made that up but then I came across a video interview where Brolin admits to their being a goonies II and him being cast in it:

, which is nuts because I found a script for it online a few years ago---
I actually gave Goonies on DVD to my cousins (age 6-11) last year for Christmas- a bit hesitant because of the language and badassness of the film (if you are watching at age 6 in 1987 it is the cooles shit in the world), which is just so much more hardcore and raw then any of that shit disney poops out these days, (ok, like I might've said, I DID like Wall-E.) Anyhow, goonies sequel... was it necessary? Nö... will it be anything but another fluffy kids movie?...
lest we not forget, this film was cruelly foreshadowed by the Nintendo game "Goonies II" which had a mermaid and two guys who looks an awful lot like the blues brothers. Unfortunately this game was based on a film that never existed- but in second grade the rumor going around was that Goonies Two was only released in Japan... as was Mario Bros. 7 ...which is a very interesting psychology... everything being released only in Japan, and we were just stuck left to imagining how great it must be...


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