Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Post Titled: non-fiction quickie
you know when people use words to spell out the first letters of things on the phone.
like "'B' as in Bear, 'E' as in entrophy 'A' as in Austria and 'R' as in rubble..."
Well, it doesn't work with me - if I hear those words I see those images in my head
and get completely lost
true life example at work: froma distance I overhear a phone conversation:
"'E' as in Emil, 'N' as in Nordpol, 'A' as in Anton" and soforth, -suddenly I see a
bear at the North Pole with a skiny dork named anton. Glaciers, and Southern German
cabins and the image just keeps reloading in my mind to the point where I can no longer
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Blogger EEJ said...

Hooray synesthesia!

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