Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Post Titled: News that can only be described as "rad."
Post Subtitled: "Pirates seize giant oil tanker"
By Daniel Howden, Africa Correspondent
Tuesday, 18 November 2008
'As pirates become bolder a tanker could be set on fire or sunk, causing a catastrophe' - Chatham House Think-tank

"Somali pirates pulled off their most audacious hijack to date yesterday, venturing outside their usual waters to seize a Saudi Arabian supertanker laden with two million barrels of crude, in an attack that sent oil prices higher."
which immediately inspired the following work conversation:
JC: I didn't even know there WERE pirates-
Me: SUre, didn't you see that ... the movie... the Tiefseetaucher ... Steve Zissou, what's it called? With Bill Murray...Wes Anderson... Tiefseetaucher...?
JC: Uhm. No I didn't see that one.
Me: Tief... The Life Aquatic!- duh, jeez.
JC: No, didn't see that one
Me: Well, I also read that cruise ships have sound cannons to repel pirates.
JC: (blank quizzical look)
Me: Like... did you see the Incredible Hulk?
JC: Which one?
Me: The new one.. the sound cannons... Hulk... sound cannons...?
JC: No, I didn't see that one.
Me: Oh. Well.. they blast sound... waves.
thinking: perhaps I should've cited Atlas Shrugged...


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