Monday, June 01, 2009

Post Titled: Looking for a break, a pause to breathe in the Normal...
life has just been surreal lately so I was trying to ground it (with my heel) via NPR, that's National Public Radio- my unseen God.
But... apparently there is just as much surrealism today in the macrocosm as their is to be found in the microcosm of the newsworld as there is in my tiny Kreuzbergverse.

As I sporadically begin watching (actually just listening in an open tab) that hit show LOST this morning-while doing dishes adn housecleaning, mind you- where I'd left off in 2006 (towards the end of Season 2) and then all throughout the morning and afternoon come the reports over twitter and NPR of a "disappearance of flight AF 447 flying from Rio to Paris" which then develop into the reports of a crash in the Atlantic and perhaps the plane was struck by lightning... all this as I watch a lot of LOST...
there is a report about Nunchucks being illegal in NYC and how that all came about. My reaction: Holy sh*t... Michelangelo is a criminal at large an has been all along. That is a game changer.
a movie review of a new film version of LAND of the LOST, which was a television show I loved as a child but was absolutely terrified of WHY? because of these so-called "Sleetstacks") (i don't remember them ever haing a name. I hadn't thought about the show in years, but NPR prompted a youtube search and actually watching the original LAND OF THE LOST INTRO and themesong for the first time in about 25 years I was amazed... basically, it is pure cheeze! It looks like 7th-graders made the show! Kitch incarnate! Not to mention that has some of the worse Ed Wood-grade special effects of all time! Off of this is seems to just shamelessly flaunt.
I'd always wondered how kids could get into such things as the Might Morphin' Power Rangers, but actually watching the Land of the Lost trailer kind of convinced me that maybe kids just don"t notice the CHEEZE and the horrible special effects or painfully annoying characters.
As my cousin Claire said of the Ewoks when she first watched Return of the Jedi: said "yea, what was up with all those teddy bears running around?" -I can imagine if I was in my teens at the time it was released in the theaters then to go from the cool darkeness of The Empire Strikes Back) ... STAR WARS episode I is strong evidence for such a theory... apparently kids are actually attracted to a certain kind of kitsch,
Would kids know if they were watching the new LAND OF THE LOST or the old one? Would they have been able to do FINDING NEMO on a budget of 100,000 instead of 100,000,000?
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