Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post TItled: Superman's GirlfriendPost SUBTITLED: OFF THE WALL, part one. (a.k.a. things that are on the walls of the apartment)
"WHo is that?"
"Margo Kidder."
"who.,.. oh, from Indiana Jones?"
"no, -but she does look like her... which actress was that??"

I felt bad about this photo being in the shop because all the other shots were 3.75 but hers had been discounted to 1.80 (Pounds).

SEVERAL DAYS LATER: ANNA, absolutely not knowing that this photo of actress
Margo Kidder has anything to do with SUPERMAN at all, (perhaps not evne aware of the film at all)
finds a stack of SUPERMAN stickers in the apartment
and sticks two of the SUPERMAN symbols over Lois Lane's eyes...
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