Friday, October 16, 2009

the internet and everyone
update: audio from john chris jones' reading at cafe ck on october 2nd, 2009 with a brief intro by helen dewitt
John Chris Jones reads from the internet and everyone Oct. 2, 2009, cafe ck berlin by tarARTrat
john chris posts to has a digital diary (which he also reads and broadcasts from live at the foundry in london)

"f r o m t h e e i g h t e e n t h c e n t u r y a n d a f t e r seems to me now that it is the sensibility of the eighteenth century, plus the romanticism of the nineteenth, that is influencing these thoughts, giving form and direction to my attempts to rethink and react in any way that might undo what are now seen as mistakes of the twentieth... viewed from the twenty-first century that is now upon us and around...

(see the first and last entries listed above, from an 18th century mansion on september 8th to some pinnacles of romanticism in a park in Berlin on october 1st)...

...and from America too comes benign influence... from the random I-beam drops of Chris Burden (see september 18th) plus his danger works and grown-up toys... to the social artwork of Helen DeWitt, Paul Thomas and Cory Andreen (in the former eastern sector of Berlin, see 1st october) which goes against commercialised art and publishing to further and to rescue works that may attempt what is our newness, from little books in modest exchanges to the tiniest electric windmill generator that could signal vast and necessary alterations in our collective energies and habits?...

...but not forgetting the natural world in its uncreatedness,
the unspeakable beauty of spontaneous evolution, from the insects to the stars (or vice versa)...

...but these are just sparks in dark places while the lights of a new culture may be difficult to discern... "
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