Sunday, July 25, 2010

POSTER READING: "Apparently, I believe whether it fits into my worldview or not."
On and off between three and five AM this morning ю and I got into a discussion. I had a book in hand with certain evidence and eyewitness accounts, and she had the internet on her side, laptop in lap, refuting every shred of credibility I could toss out.
The discussion topic: crop circles.
ю had never heard of the phenomenon before, so I think my first mistake was to explain them as "formations that people make in fields and then claim that they were made by aliens." That was the off the cuff definition I provided, but I realized throughout out back-and-forth that I actually do believe that many crop circle formations are simply too complex to have been created by humans, especially by bored country bumpkins.
So, I learned that -
to quote an X-Files poster I had when I was 15 - "I want to believe" and I DO actually believe that some crop circles are NOT made by humans, which ALSO means -by default - that I believe that they are created by aliens, WHICH is COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL although I would otherwise consider myself a rational human being... so, the crop circle issue was the exception to my rule. I roll my eyes when people talk about miracles of religion or ghosts or magic or superstition... but I, apparently, firmly and unshakingly believe in aliens. Based on... nothing. I do not believe the stories told during interviews with Midwestern housewives who claim to have been abducted and probed, and I do not believe anything really happened at Area 51. So, I believe in aliens based on nothing... based on no evidence whatsoever.

Oh, and we also discovered the German term "Kornkreis Kunde".

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