Monday, August 09, 2010

music post herefive years ago there was a snippet of a film montage (which was essentially an ad for the Sundance independent film channel) featuring this driving song which got stuck in my head for many months but I never knew what it was. today I finally re-encountered that song, which is apparently called "just human" by the Danish group Carpark North, turns out the video is also really quite beautiful, all those intense kids. the chorus just gloriously nails it somehow... normally I can't be bothered with contemporary pop-rock, but with this I can't help but get tingles on the back of my neck. so, here it is - 5 years later! (use headphones if possible):

meanwhile here is something artsier, also great, the band Crocodiles recommended by friend DifferenT Things - this cover/medley of Groove is in the Heart and California Girls is just great
bubba of tenfootman also tosses in his 2 cents which comes in the form of the Local Natives song Airplanes... perhaps the best song of these three

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