Thursday, November 25, 2010

"the darkest thing Disney has done since shooting Bambi's mom."*
a 25-year history of why this boy is quite literally totally "stoked" for a thing like TRON LEGACY:
1985: staying home sick from school was pretty much the only time were allowed to rent videos, so at age 5 I went to the "Children's" section of the local videostore and grabbed Walt Disney"s TRON (which my monter approved because it WAS in the Children"s section). Result: watching the film as a feverish 5-year old was a wild ride thorugh boredom, terror and confusion. On the plus side: I was introduced to Jeff Bridges.

1993: I move to Germany. Electronis music is everywhere (MTV, radio, etc) and is SUCKS at this point in time (think DJ BOBO or Der Berg Ruft or Eins Zwei Polizei.

1995-1996: Soften up to electronic music, even though most of the stuff I still encounder is complete crap.

1997: On a school trip to London I buy the Daft Punk album "Homework" for 17,99 Pounds (like $40 at that time) on a whim - basically because I liked the name and the albm cover. (And big city like London just had a thousand times better record selection than our po-dunk German farming villages had to offer at the time.) I become obsessed with the album and a few months later I quite randomly see DAFT PUNK in a warehouse in Mannheim, Germany (thanks to a girlfriend who was way cooler than I was.) Result: a wild ride thorugh terror and confusion and pure amazement/infatuation with these wierdos and a newfound (now permanent) love for their music.

2001: I literally bump into Jeff Bridges in the restroom during intermission of. I put my arm around him adn he nods adn laughs nervously as I take him for a walk talking a mile a minute and making an ass out fo myself until I realize that I have dragged him to the top of a dead-end stairwell, what I am doing, politely excuse meself and feel bad about it to this day. Also, he is probably my favorite actor, -which is one of the only things my father and I can agree on.

2006: I see Daft Punk at Coachella, an amazing annual music festival way out in the California desert. In the past 9 years since I last saw them they have upped thier game and it is bascially, probably, maybe, literally: the best thing ever.

2010: So for the better part of my life I have been a huge fan of Daft Punk and Jeff Bridges, SOOO: With their powers combined I am officially totally stoked about Walt Fraking Disney's TRON: Legacy. Even if the film isn't amazing, the soundtrack will be.

from the *SPIN (print magazine version) of the new record review

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