Friday, March 22, 2013

Doom Generation vs. doomed generation

Recently revisited the Greg Araki films of the mid-late 90s and I actually found them to be quite charming... When we were watching them in high school they were 'cool' and 'fucked up', disturbing, 'edgy', and actually quite artsy... The characters' existential suffering rang true with our teenage angst and the whole woe-as-me post-grunge fallout before pop went right back to being bubblegum. Before Britney. So, yea, what is the millennials' Doom Generation or nowhere? Do they have existential woes or are they too swept up in the infinite distractions provided by their phones and game consoles? When I am out and about I sometimes meet university kids from America at art shows and, to me, they have seen everything and nothing- experienced everything and nothing and they have an android-ish type quality about them... Perfect skin and physique but they seem... Hollow... Even vacuous. maybe I am Just getting old (or older) and mentally shaking my fist shouting out the window into the night at those dang kids and their internets and their dubstep music racket... Or maybe they are creepily superficial and know nothing of life... Either way I heard the fresh air 'alone together' interview with shelia Tuttle and it keeps haunting me... Haaauuuuuuuuunting.

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