Friday, May 24, 2013



sometime over the past year or so 
I started drinking the sugar-free (blue) relentless drink
and became somewhat addicted because 
I actually think it is a magical potion to cure productivity 
and mushy creative mindblock woes- 
it is amazing - 
as I have told co-workers: 
"It makes coffee seem like some dirty street drug" 
(NOTE: the eerily accurate John Milton quote
on the side of the can)
because of this I also have developed a conspiracy theory around the drink- 
that is, either I am not the only one - and a lot of people have discovered this also and therefore it is now really hard to find - 
it just isn't that popular so most stores don't even bother to re-stock it
or even carry it in the first place - 
I'd say by my own estimates that over half of the stores that
carry Relentless energy drinks
DO NOT have the blue one available - and many of teh ones that DO are out- 
SO... that brings us to this post-
(which could also be a psychological thriller starrting Keanu Reeves or Ethan Hawke)
every time in the past month I have encountered this issue I actually bothered to take a photo, 
some of which I accidentally deleted, but here are a few- 

Google Book Search


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