Sunday, May 11, 2014

asocial media - look up video: well done plea to mankind to re-connect- Gary Turk vs. the zombies (aka US)!

asocial media post (a followup to THIS ONE) (s)lightly revisited: I skyped with a dear old friend 10,000 km away for hours yesterday morning, I think I'll do that more often. although we can't physically hang out- just emailing, texting an keeping track of FB and twitter posts pales in comparison to quatsching stundenlang. On that note: a former colleague recently moved in down the street - a nice coincidence - but although we have crossed paths 4 times we have only spoken / she has only seen me once because she is ALWAYS engrossed in her phone. saw this the other day - ironically - posted on FB- but it is a well done plea to mankind to re-connect- 34 million views and counting - good job Mr. Gary Turk! now I am going to go to Tempelhof and play some tennis... zombies.

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