Friday, July 11, 2014

EXIT FESTIVAL 2014 thus far...

Last year EXIT festival was voted BEST MAJOR FESTIVAL in Europe which seems like some concocted, somewhat arbitrary designation except that after 2 days here now I can clearly see why HERE are a few of those reasons LOCATION is amazing although this years festival has not been spared Glastonbury?levels of rain and mud, it is located high on a hill above the Danube in an ancient fortress which is perhaps even larger than the one in Belgrade. The location alone is an extremely romantic element signaling a beak ' an EXIT from reality if you will' The daily pilgrimage from the campsite to the venue past the university, along the river and pas the rakija, jello-shot and glow stick- sellers to the entrance becomes a fun routine full of jokers and antics, an electric air of anticipation generates an automatic camaraderie - even with the police - as tens of thousands of alcohol-fueled visitors make their way to the gates. THURSDAY Highlights: Who knew that the "Best Major European Festival" would essentially close its first night with 4 Drum and Bass acts in a row. Well, they did, and it was amazing. absolutely did not want to miss the Disclosure set - which although it was a slow burn by the end the entire audience was completely entralled - the boys closed with "just one more song" which actually cnsisted of Chic's Le Freak followed by OUTKASTS' s Ms. Jackson - which ended a set which otherwise consisted of Disclosuere's own music and hypnotic cartoon visuals of animals, insects and tools in the style of their signature superimposed line-face drawing. Carl Craig vs. Green Velvet picked up where Disclosure left off and
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