Monday, July 21, 2014

The Jim Henson Hour

Everything I can find on youtube for The Jim Henson Hour for a few brief months in 1989 it blew our third-grade minds with its strangeness and has therefore always stuck with me. Unfortunately, a lot of them have been removed from YouTube but I will add and ajust as I find them. According to Wikipedia: The Jim Henson Hour is a short-lived television series that aired on NBC in 1989. It was developed as a showcase for The Jim Henson Company's various puppet creations, including the popular Muppet characters. First episode: April 14, 1989 Final episode: July 30, 1989: Inner Tube: The Jim Henson Hour Test Pilot: Episode ONE: "OUTER SPACE" aka "Science Fiction" Episode TWO: "OCEANS" aka "Water" Episode THREE: Episode THREE: "POWER" The Storyteller - the Soldier and Death Episode FOUR: "DOG CITY" Episode FIVE: "FIRST SHOW" Episode SIX: "MONSTER MAKER" Episode SEVEN: "FITNESS" Episode EIGHT: "VIDROTAPE" Episode NINE: "GARBAGE" Episode TEN: "Secrets Of The Muppets" Many of these were found via the YouTube User Muppetational: A place for rare Muppet and Jim Henson videos, never in parts, always high quality. Here is also a Jim Henson YouTube playlist: and another Episodes of The Storyteller: "The Luck Child [03]" "A Story Short [04]" "Hans, My Hedgehog [05]" "The Three Ravens [06]" COMMERCIAL BREAKS are also fascinating - the pascing, angle and content... ALSO there is also Apparently The StoryTeller Greek Myths series which I was not previously aware of The Storyteller Greek Myths (1990) S01 EP01 (Greek Sub) S01E02
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