Friday, August 31, 2012

The tomorrow people

British tv show 1973? Sort of like dr. Who meets dark shadows...
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And a weird thing happened that has never happened before

I went to an opening at a well-respected and established 
downtown and quickly realized that 
the artist exhibiting
was my neighbor-
like, the other side of by bedroom wall
(I knew he was a photographer and sometimes 
we end up with his mail in my box)

Walking through the show 
no matter how hard I tried to
look at the photos and enjoy them for what they
all I could think about was what a jerk that guy is
and how we have been listening to him scream and yell at 
his really
nice, sweet 
live-in girlfriend 
forever now, even 
during the time she was pregnant. 

That yelling has let up since it was born but now the baby cries a lot. 

Big fancy art show or not, 
I have a lot of evidence that points directly towards 
that guy being a real dick. 

fOLLOWUP: one month later I saw the guy at the next show at the space and we talked for a long time- turns out that it was a total fluke that he even had work in the space- apparently he really just got lucky... And he's really nice... So is his baby momma... So why all the yelling?
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Monday, August 13, 2012

DC vs. Marvel (or: incessant hollywood incest) OR Six Degrees of Dawson Leary

I cracked up laughing a few years ago while watching the film Wonder Boys an realizing that there is a scene where Toby Macquire ends up in bed with Robert Downey, Jr AKA - respectively - Marvel's SPIDER-MAN and IRONMAN. Since then a lot of actors have taken
Roles in DC or Marvel films and the intertwining nest of incest has just gotten stranger and stranger... Off the top of my head:
(might just be easier to make a video?)
not sure if it even matters were we start, so I will start with...

The Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield 
first seen acting across from 
Health Ledger 
the Joker 
in that weird Terry Gilliam film
(the Cabinet of Dr. Parnassus?)
the Dark Knight's
first becomes famous in the late 1990s 
for his role in 
where he schools the young 
Joseph Gordon-Leavitt
Robin "John" Blake
selected by BATMAN himself 
to become the presumed
heir to the Dark Knight's throne as
NIGHTWING in The Dark Knight Rises.
lover of Jake Gyllenhall's
character who ignored
Anne Hathaway
AKA Catwoman's
advances in Ang Lee's 
Brokeback Mountain
-or whatever happened- who remembers
Jake, real-life
brother of 
Maggie Gyllenhall who
took over for the role of 
BATMAN's love interest
formerley filled by 
Katie Holmes who was also the
love interest of 
Toby Macquire
in both the films
the Ice Storm
Wonder Boys 
when he goes to bed
Robert Downey Jr
Not to mention is 
the Ice Storm he is obsessed 
with the Fantastic Four...
of whom
Chris Evans
was the Human Torch
but who also reappears 
as Captain America, 
an Army subordinate of 
Tommy Lee Jones, 
AKA Two-Face in 
Evan's fellow Avenger, 
also appears in a
film of the same
directed by Ang Lee.

There are probably more,
this is probably just the tip of the iceberg
I mean, shoot, Kenneth Branaugh 
directed THOR...
not to mention Gwenyth Paltrow and Samuel L. Jackson... 
but like I said -
that was just off the top of my head.
I'll stop here.

Might I also add that - in the Bret Easton Ellis universe- Sean Bateman (aka actor James Van Der Beek aka Dawson Leary) is brother of Patrick Bateman aka American Psycho aka Chrisitan Bale aka Batman - and Dawson's girl-next-door / true love is Joey Potter aka Katie Holmes aka Rachel Dawson aka Christian bale Batman's girl-next-door / true love. Yep.

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Beats headphones shameless olympic swimming product placement

Three out of four american men olympic swimmers I saw this evening walked out the poolside wearing Beats. It was a monumentally
idiotic display of shameless product placement (Jones! Erwin! Dr. Dre!) Laaaaame... Laaaaaaaame.
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