Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Note: chances are this entry will be of no interest to anyone but myself.
Location: Cafe Victrola. 30 people, 9 laptops. Last week all I wanted to to was watch Star Wars but all I could find was "Return of the Jedi" ... which sufficed. (sp?)
A: Haven't checked the news or myspace in 6 days now. Feeling a bit like I don't care. Alas, once the show is installed at work and I have dozens of hours of sitting in front of a computer at work we'll see how I hold out.
B: 8:47pm I've managed to pry myself away from the creature comforts of either working in the studio and/or watching whichever netflix movies happen to be around the house. The danger of netflix (that is; the danger of an addictive time-suck) hasn't gotten ahold of me like it did when I was last using it (daily) 4 years ago... in fact I've had "Breakfast on Pluto" for at least 3 weeks now... and stil can't seem to muster the attention span enough to finish the last half-hour. Meanwhile the filmfest is going on and I can't even fathom seeing a movie every day- much less the 45 films I managed in 25 days last year. Sad sad sad, but the fact that I'm not interested/able to find time and energy to watch movies has to be good... eh? Keeping busy in other (hopefully more productive ways, ja?) Today I was the most tired I've ever been. Ever. After the 5 days of hosting guests I was completely whipped- mainly because we kept really busy- they were dropped off with all their gear (luggage and camping stuff) at the opening Gala for the filmfest last thursday and ever since then we've basically been constantly doing things.
C: Ok, I don't know how to write anymore, how does one re-learn such a basic skill...? I found a story that I had scrawled in ink on computer paper the Summer of 1999 and it was prettty clever. I can't seem to write/be creative with that same fervor (of course I never slept back then) But my atention span and capacity for makinig finished written work has gone waaay down the crapper. This blog post is boring me to tears, time to end...
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