Tuesday, August 22, 2006

As if it weren't wierd enough about the Batman-Terror Cosmetic coincidence, here's where things get even wierder, NOTE: Excerpt from William Gibson's NEUROMANCER:
"Case has his nervous system repaired at an illegal clinic using brand new technology that Armitage gives to the clinic in return for their work. Armitage also pays them to leave several sacs of the same mycotoxin in Case's blood vessels which will eventually burst. He promises Case that if he completes his work he will remove them. Modifications are also made to render Case unable to use most street drugs."

and News report from the Lincoln Journal Star:
"Imagine a simple shot that could help prevent recovering meth addicts from relapsing. That may not be far away, thanks to a team of University of Nebraska scientists knee-deep in abusive drug research.

The five-person team next week will begin testing a vaccine that could inhibit methamphetamine’s highly addictive properties, project leader Sam Sanderson said Monday.

The researchers’ ultimate goal: a shot or patch that would release antibodies in a person’s body capable of stopping meth from entering the brain, where the drug becomes addictive."
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