Saturday, August 19, 2006

I kept approaching nervous-breakdown territory yesterday, mainly because while dissassembling my room I kept finding remainders and reminders of the past (some good, some not) that started becoming cumulatively - well, upsetting. I went out to run errands and was halfway to downtown before realizing that my debit card wasn't in my wallet- and if you don't have that stupid plastic card you can't do anything you intended to do, so I ran through the high-powered sprinklers in Volunteer Park and calmed down for a little while...
Finally, after a week of phone tag, I went to the airport and retrieved my long lost bag... with phone charger, camera battery charger, deodorant, and contact lenses. Not wearing deodorant for a week wasn't that big of a deal, I'm wondering if the deodorant-making companies don't just have us duped, I mean- it was a hot week, I was biking, but I never became unbearably stinky so long as I showered. It's like John Mumm says- "Paul, those fabric softener sheets are just a scam, you don't need them." Which is so true... ok, mabye that comparison doens't make any sense...

The accident involved dark chocolate.

I love it when newspapers say "a 21-year-old man" because I've never bet a 21-year-old man, only boys... don't you have to have totally gray or white hair to be a man? Or drive a NASCAR, or stomp on people's skulls? In that case I know no men. Boys - just boys everywhere.

There's some guy on "Wait, Wait- Don't Tell Me..." this morning who is sitting-in for Peter Segel and even sounds like Peter Segel but something's missing... the boisterous wit... everyone in the audience is shouting "Luuuuuke" which sounds like "booooo" of course. That's the running joke, ugh.
Now a girl on This American Life this morning sounds like Sarah Vowell, but she's been on before. Either way it seems like "doppelgangers-on-the-radio" day. Although since I can't SEE these people there should be a word for "voice doppelganger" but I don't think there is...

Henry Darger show opens at the Frye tonight, that's exciting... if it doesn't make us all want to DIE, of course. Well, I just called and the museum is only opened until 5- which is wierd, becuasse today is the Opening day,...

I feel like my brain it totally uncomfortably shrink-wrapped today for some reason. I want to be outside before I start climbing the walls in here.

On a positive note, the live-action Captain Underpants videos I worked on with Josh are finished. first two on the list there)
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