Thursday, August 17, 2006

I got off work yesterday and put Coltrane's "Ascencion" in my headphones, which was actually a weclome cacouphany to drown out the workday's uneventfulness. All for the walk home I was stuck behind these 2 goth girls walking up James, I couldn't get around them- and one of them had really long hair, which I have an irrational fear of. Hair that practically goes down to the knees is just freakish, like if she turned her head too quickly it might whip*snap* and crack a telephone pole in half. A guy sleeping in some bushes under the bridge hopped up totally leaving a trail of leaves and dust in the air as he ran past me to ask the girls out for a beer, which they politely refused.

My sister Lauren made a good dinner of bruschetta uniquely topped with avacado, mozzeralla, peppers, etc. and mom called. We have had sporadic contact with the parents for many months now- first the phone is icealand was offline, then they were house-hopping and generall unavailable, then here staying with Lauren where there is no home phone, and LA where nobody ever answers the phone, now England where their phone can't recieve calls and they have no internet acces save for the library.
For almost a half hour of our coversation my kept saying "You should try to think practiaclly about all this, you have a lot of opportunities in Seattle, are you sure you should be moving to Berlin? You know Germany is headed for big problems, right?"
"Yes, mom, but Germany's problems pale in comaprison to the US's, we're spending ourselves into oblivion and fighting/causing wars all over the world. I don't even know what is going to happen here, but it won't be pretty."
"Yes, but that probably won't be in our lifetimes-"
"So I'm thinking of posterity."
Ans so-on and so-forth. They're just being concerned parents, I suppose...
I could care less, really, about any potential human resource shortages that Europe may have to "fuel its economy", the problem will correct itself somehow, whether by immigration or procreation. Meanwhile, the United States will burn it's candle from all sides and do its thing until it can do it no longer... Europe will keep on truckin'as it always does. As it always has.
(Dahrling if you are reading this, don't worry.)

After being quite annoyed with that phone conversation Lauren and I headed to the War Room for No Clue's show, which although the turnout wasn't great, the music was cleverly composed and energetic, as it should be. Jeremy's been working hard on all this, and I think it'll work out ultimately. For once I was actually relieved of my post as "dorkiest white guy at the hip-hop show" by this guy who completely trumped me- literally out on the dance floor spastically prancing around to this mega-bass heavy gangsta-esque rap, delightful actually. All button-up small plaid shirt, closed-cropped hair and glasses lookign like a computer programmer, god bless him. Wish I could've video'd that...

I had a very very long walk home - back to my sister's to pick up my bag and then to my house must've been several miles, but the genius of it was that I burned a cd from her iTunes which included that crazy-ass "Gasolina" song, Jay-Z, Johnny Cash, Gnarls Barkley, Devo, and even Nelly effing Furtado- totally top 40 stuff (inspired by that last episode of 6-Feet Under, perhaps?) The Streets were pretty much empty at 2:30 and I danced like a complete idiot all the way home, it was great.

Fell asleep and woke up to the sounds of Deutsche Welle livestreaming and NPR/KUOW playing as my alarm, which by the way, WILL make your head explode within a matter of minutes.
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