Thursday, August 10, 2006

I went to a Mariners game last night (wasn't particularly enthused to go (AT ALL, actally), but Megan Bradley was in town and Nanc' needed a 'date' because two other couples were going along.

I'll have to amit that the pure maxxed-out overstimulation, the hypperreality of seeing real playyers on a grass fields with oversized ads and video and lights and speakers barking adn booming music ws actually kind-of beautiful.
Not much happened during the game until there was a grand slam in the 10th which ended it, ouch. Poor poor Devil Rays (team I had never heard of before yesterday) apparently their strategy effed them in the end- the walked 2 players with what almost seemed like a game of catch between the pitcher and catcher.

ceas and her sister apparently walked by my work yelling and waving this morning and I didnt see them, PROBABLY because earlier the "Ride the Duck" amphibian Seattle tour truck-boat drove by with 50 8-year-olds doing coordinated dance moves to what i think may have been a Gwen Stefani song...
after that I tried to pretend that outside didn't exist and it wasn't sunny and those kids weren't sadly indoctrinated.
It is so much more than white noise down here sometimes. There was a country band that could be heard from 4 blocks away yesterday and the of course crackheads fighting the busses and telephone booths... that isn't white noise anymore, now is it?

Pleasantly trying to read "grendel" before it sells on eBay in a few days- I've been trying to do this to liquidate my way-too-many book(s) collection. It is a good way to get oneself to read: pressure/. Like "shoot, this auction ends in 4 days, gotta finish it by then." Hopefully this ridiculous system will continue to semi-function...
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