Friday, August 04, 2006

both my bikes have flat tires.

I saw an ambulance almost run over an old man who was jaywalking.

I'd prefer to curl up under a rock and sleep for a few days...

but radio on the internet will suffice.

Today is artwalk, buuuut I'm really just waiting it out.

Not too enthused. (about another artwalk crowd and a 11-hour workday)

Would rather be at the park on the water.

NK and I are E.T. and Elliot-ing it, both with our separate but equally interesting reactions to our new (and glorious) situation.

She's been pulling back from Frankfurt a.M. much in the same way that I have been shrinking back into my shell from Seattle.

I'm trying very hard not to fall into my age-old habits (a result of moving so often growing up) of ... well, not necessairily BURNING bridges, but kinda dousing them with gasoline just to make the separation easier.

Not sure if me being moody and snapping at people is a result of that or just of having 30+ days of guests, hmm...

Also have been relentlessly bombarded by either hypperreal or hyppersurreal dreams, some of which are a contuniation of life and others which rival the largest most big-budgeted special effects blockbusters Hollywood has/could ever produce.

Fell asleep watching Ab Fab.
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