Saturday, August 05, 2006

oh good, so... I guess this means there weren't any weapons of mass destruction afterall.

I saw mr. dominic scarpelli last night, long time no see.

tash had a marvelous suggestion for me killing time at work today:

"okay, here's something i do when i'm bored... think of two characters from
movies and start making up a scenario about them meeting... like, what if
christian slaters character from pump up the volume met... ummm... wolverine
from x-men!!! they would start a band called... "pirate mutants" and take
over the world! i can derive hours of entertainment from stuff like that...
but then again i'm kindof a dork. yeah."

Paul Thomas to Tasa

I'm thinking Ms.Piggy meets Parker posey from Party Girl, hot.
PP: so if you marry kermit will you take his last name,
MP: HMMMM, I don't think so my dear, I'm a modern woman and "Piggy the
Frog" just doesn't have that certain j'ne ce qoi about it-
So, as you can see- it kinda worked...
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