Saturday, August 05, 2006

All in one block riding by on the bus several very "Erie,Indiana"-types were found:

The guy who guards the door next to Nordstrom Rack in downtown is classic. Tall, poor posture, large belly he is always wearing Martix-y sunglasses and is fully decked out in all black uniform with rent-a-cop utility belt, he looks like something out of an old Disney movie and someday I'll remember to take his photo.

Two bros also walking nearby had the same Abercrombie cargo shorts on, navy blue t-shirts adn identical adidas white with black stripe shoes.

Behind them two hugely overweight guys (one Pacific Islander and one white) both wearing black t-shirts, black sweatshorts and black tennis shoes.

I stayed up until 4am watching Jacques Tati's "M. Hulot's Holiday" which was so so so good. The Hulot movies make me laugh more than anything I can think of- except maybe kids in the hall or Buster Keaton. On top of that the Tati details- the DETAILS! Oh, lovely.

Yesterday was a strange day- Sammy's rooms in the OK were offically evicted (formerly main offices of operation for "" with Mehatem and Ratesh, ah good ol' days.) I found in the piles of stuff in the alley a book that was holloed out for hiding things- really, like in the movies! It had a perfect cut out through the 200+ center pages in which once could hide, well, cash I suppose, and I wonder what/where/how this book came about- the cut was so perfect and discreet...
Somebody said Sammy went back to etheopia, I wonder- it is alsways sad to see people's stuff in piles on the street- but I figured I might as well get rid of some of my crap while the pile (which will have to be professionally hauled away anyhow) is there, soo goodbye old computer that I came to college with- and monitor and all the random wood I've found and thought I'd use for art projects- all piled up now in a smelly urine-soaked alley waiting to be sent to its final resting place... try not to think of the Brave Little Toaster, which I swear must be some kind of propaganda film to help promote packrat-ness, heartwarming little tale of people's attachment and nostalgia for inanimate household appliances in disrepair... oh, cruel material world!
P.S. whoa, I just googled "The Brave Little Toaster" and found out that there was a follow-up called "The Brave Little Toaster goes to Mars"?!? Not europe, not Australia, but MARS...
Led by Toaster (Deanna Oliver), the gang of appliances--plus new friends Faucet (Farrah Fawcett), Ceiling Fan (Carol Channing), Microwave (Wayne Knight), Hearing Aid (Fyvush Finkel), Calculator (Stephen Tobolowski), and more--blast off on an interplanetary adventure to save the family's baby."

To save the family's baby? On mars?... That's the thing about Disney Home VIdeo, they just don't know when/where to stop these days now do they? For example, the first Alladin movie was a quality film (88% on, but then you put HOW MANY sequels straight to video and market them to kids who can't rell the difference between Alladin and Alladin: Return of Jafar (25% on rottentomatoes) OR Alladin King of Thieves (22%) even though Robin Williams did the voice for this straight ot video crap I've never heard of... ok, hm, I KNOW this is a silly and waste-of-time argument, but there's something to it right? Or am I just totally rambling here bored off my arse indoors at work on a beatuiful sunny Saturday afternoon/.

I also find myself once again shocked at how much more I care about/have to say about movies and popculture crap-ola than art.
Art, gosh, criticisms i stick to:
"that's some clever sh*t"
*silence* (in which case it is NOT clever sh*t)
bad, huh?
Well, in the same way people like music, I mean- for example- some old michael jackson comes on and people are like "yea, this sh*t's good!"
Is that dumbing it down too much?
no, I think the problem is that I have so very little patience for all the b.s. spewing forth from artists about why and what they are doing/trying to do. I wish there was less explanation and analysis, ... I mean, I'm glad it exists, but more often than not I couldn't care less. OR I"M JUST REALLY EFFING LAZY/impatient and prefer images to text
Hmpf. Ok, so I'm cranky.

On another note:
Q: how the heck does craigslist make money? I can't figure it out- there are no ads or fees...
Google Book Search


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Craigslist charges for certain types of ads(jobs, real estate I think) in certain markets(San Fran, NYC, and a few others). And they still make a ton of money.

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