Sunday, August 13, 2006

To paraphrase NPR from today:
"Since 1966, when the government actually started counting, roughly the same number of Americans have died in terrorist attacks as have died by getting struck by lightining, in allergic reactions to peanuts or in accidents involving deer... which means I was only slightly off with the guestimate. (which, if I was actually quoted correctly would've said "We should probably be more afraid of being struck by lighting than ever dying in a terrorist attack, but what we should be afraid of is the recent provisions of the USA Patriot act and the loss of freedoms at the hands of the Dept. of Homeland Security. If the freedoms we are supposedly protecting are revoked or rolled back one-by-one, then is this still something we can even call "The United States"?)

I dunno folks, all's I've got to say is that I'M NOT WORRIED ABOUT TERRORISM BUT I'M TERRIFIED OF FLIGHT DELAYS, for reals.

(sorry, still blowing-off some steam here from the airport.)
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