Thursday, August 10, 2006

a very unusual and unexplainable thing happend just now, I honestlyy am "baffled" (if I can use that word) and this is the posting I wrote in my friend Jerome Veith's blog abot the fact that I was able to write in his blog:

"Jerome? How was I able to log into your blog? I have no idea how this happened... I typed MY name and password in and was sent to YOUR profile which is IMPOSSIBLE because I'm at work and you wouldn've never used this computer... I don't get it. Sorry to hijack an entry but I thought this was so bizarre and unexplainable that I should write you about it on your own blog...

I didn't even know he HAD a blog- he LIVES IN BOSTON for christ's sake, how how how did this happen, effing anomaly... This makes no sense- none whatsoever, and neither does this from a recent NPR report:

"About one-third of children age 6 and younger even have a television in their room, just so they can watch their shows while parents are occupied elsewhere."
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