Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(Insert foto of studio mess HERE)

I finally managed to dump half the pack-ratted crap in my painting studio into the trash and/or hang the old paintings (I really don't care for any longer) around downtown/waterfront/p.square then drag my weary bones up the hill to drop that painting off with Greg at the Hideout... where it will hang until who knows when. Kinda felt like dropping a kid off at sSummercamp,.. hmm. Ouch, After 6 hours of moving and getting sweaty/gross/dehydrated I should've drank water, but -like an idiot- I drank Stella instead (wasn't there Hoegaarden at =some point on tap or am I totally delusional-?) Next few hours were talking to these wonderful Irish folks whose first visit it was to the good ol' USA and they were quite impressed. Seamus (guy they were visiting) is a local guy working in IT and his friend Sean is a politician visiting from Cork with his girrl (name?)
I felt bad because I blurted out:
"Oh, I have relatives in Ireland"
"do ya now-? and whereabouts might they be?"
"Oh, well- I... uh.. County Kerry" (we'd been to so many small towns there and it was 12 years ago I honestly couldn't remember... then Dublin in 2001 for that long confusing Irish Lit. course)... (nope, no recollection).
"The lanscape here is so extreme and interesting" Sean kept saying, which is true. The rainforests, mountains, water, this IS a beautiful part of the world...
He put on Joshua Tree in the jukebox then asked me where it was "California, out in the desert- there are huge round rocks everywhere and cactus trees... it's beautiful" strange coincidence because that was the second time the topic had come up in te space of an hour...
After a few more pints Sean and I were singing Johnny Cash and the Smiths together from the jukebox and it was a beautiful thing.
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