Monday, September 25, 2006

Ok, ok, ok, sitting at work supposed to be doing things but my brain is just spinning, whirling-reeling:
Completely obsessing over all the details which sould go wrong in the coming weeks. Scheisse. Since I assume none of my family reads this blog (just like how I assumed NO ONE read it when I wrote about my engagement, then Duck read it- *poof!* blew my own cover!) so, so, so,- yea... I'm worried that my Grandfather (who fought the Germans in WWII) might be upset that I'm marrying a German girl... this is a paranoid fear with no basis in reality because I've never seen my Grandfather get angry at ANYthing- (except when I was lighting matches and starting little fires in his workshop and then lied about it- but even after that, he was just mildly annoyed- not angry.) I guess I'm just paranoid because I assume his brain might react in the same way mine might...
let's say that 60 years ago I was in my late teens fighting the Martians which lead to me being seriously injured by shards of a Matrian grenade in my back- BUT I bore the Martians no ill-will, and I even returned 40 years later to replace the candles I'd stolen from the Martian Church (true story). After all that WOULD I MIND if my Son moved to Mars and raised his children there, (who would then have an attachemnet to it and consider it home) and then -if years later- my Grandson moved to Mars and married a Martian Girl?... I really hope not...
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