Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well,...if art isn't fun then what is it? (Un-fun!)
When I say "Unsolicited Public Art Installation" ideally this it what I mean, I'd like to do more stuff like this more often:

Thanks David Midbon for fotoing this. "Miguel" (the robot) was about to be disposed of by the building mgr so I installed him on the Seattle waterfront for a few days where tourists, joggers, cyclists and even cops happily fed their limbs, children and bicycles to him! Watching from a distance I'd think "That's what I like to see. Shoot-, man! People getting silly, adults acting like kids and taking fotos with a 'sculpture'..." Alas, the elements (wind, I guess) and then public utilities broke him and dragged him away...
Date on photo should actually be something like 6/20/2006, hmm- well,
R.I.P. Miguel. He can be seen in action on where I am incorrectly credited and he is in top form.

P.S. (added several days later): Just noticed that Migel is right next to the Alaskan Way viaduct... like a poster-boy... if it were to collapse like it is supposed to... it would surely eat a few people.
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