Monday, September 04, 2006

Warning: some VENOM here.
Once again, couldn't help it: images from walk home last night from Downtown/Pioneer Square through INternational District/Central District:

1. 2nd and Seneca: I do not know (and/or can't quite fathom) what "CORPORATE WELNESS" is... (ok, it's probably n exercize plan) but it is available for 29 bucks! shoot!.

2. 14th and Yesler: Some genius rented a retail space on street-level to a wheelchair store at the base of a new condo complex, which is hilarious because then the young and busy professionals/gymsters may/might be reminded daily of thier own frail mortality and how, if they live that long, they too will ride around in a rascal or use a tennis-ball buffered walker. love it. "Corpotate wellness" still worth that $29? Ugh, gyms... I loathe them. Hamster balls and meat markets. FITNESS for fitness' sake is BORING, people!, more boring that CNN. Play tennis. Climb a tree. don't just run in place watching CNN. But if it works for you- be I'd prefer you were indoors and not out on the street where I can see your sorry ass.

3.Wide variety of wheelchairs. Shiny new wheelchairs. standard and automatic...

4. Jackson St.: Huge paper flowers in the entryway of a Vietnamese jewelery shop closed for the evening. Wish that photo was larger...
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