Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Uhm, Dahrling- is that even a real helmet?......

Some banal things of note seen on Labor Day, at Bumbershoot for the most part:
7 girls in astro-turf green skirts or dresses.
1 opossum followed by:
1 raccoon (5 minutes later)
my turtle catch a worm outside in the park and eat it whole (who knew she could hunt? she's been in a terrarium for 13 years!)
14,537 white girls of scandanavian descent.
5 or 6 black people -and 4 of them were on stage. (jusssst kiddddding)
3 girls with unusually long torsos
4 people I almost mistook for Gelflings
1 vintage Joker t-shirt I remember being owned by Than Tran in 1989,
1 "Super Mario Bros. 2 Fan Club" t-shirt worn by a 15-year old asian kid.
1 replay of a tearful andre agassi farewell speech on the usa network
2 girls with unusually long hair
35,672 people on mobile phones texting or talking about next-to-nothing, (like me TOO.) i.e. "WHERE? No, NEXT to the Hemp Hat stand- yea... no TOP of the STAIRS."
3 girls with unusually long legs
35 guys in their early twenties with blonde or dishwater dreadlocks
1 toddler carrying a flower half the size of his head in each hand...
2 muscle-bound white guys being assholes at a show, shoving people/me for no reason and giving the 'asshole at a large event' glare. That "go ahead I'm so drunk I just wanna act tough and look like a date-rapist' glare... I smiled back like an idiot. Wish it were ethical to kick people's faces in with my 10-pound Timberlands, but it is not... and I'm a pascifist. I can't even spell pass--ifist...
dozens of kids who would've been in pampers in the early 90's
some art
3 women with dark skin but bright BlueGrayGreen eyes.
1 fake neighborhood/trailer-park
56 barefoot kids
42 hippie moms not paying that much attention to their barefoot kids
4 times at which I smelled burning plastic on my walk home. th smell (which burns the nostrils) hung in the air for a long time, but in different parts of town...
1 time when i awoke and couldn't figure out what was going on... in my life or my house or anything. wat day/year it might be or my age... that only lasted for a few seconds.

Pleased to say that I was able to cram in nouvelle vague, cocorosie, feist and tribe called quest in at Bumbershoot today, all with careful planning and quick venue- hopping. NV was cute, CocoRosie was lovely and made me cry a few times, feist is adorable and talented of course, but TRIBE CALLED QUEST blew my effing mind. I love love love some live hip-hop. Especially if it is group you've been listeing to since 8th grade (in my case-1993). They just don't make it like they used to, now do they?...
Funny thing that happens at Bumbershoot: the drastic age differences. Last year I was next to a huge guy who must've been my father's age with a tattered straw cowboy hat which just barely corraled his nest of filthy blonde dreadlocks, puffing away on a huge blunt and talking about seeing Iggy Pop back in the day. This year there was a group of girls next to me in the crowd who couldn'tve been more that 12 or 13, which means they were in papmers when Tribe Called Quest was getting popular...
It is extremely rare to ever see a rock show that gets people nearly as excited as a good hip-hop show. Live rock, for the most part, is passive- so it seems... the folded arms, the calm kids. It is almost much better to listen to it recorded where you can be along and sing along loudly, or in a car on a road trip... unless it is Sigur Ros or Andrew WK or Beck or something that is actually EVEN BETTER live... The audiences usually come off as passive and uptight... ugh. The Nouvelle Vague singer remarked "you're so well behaved!" to the audience... are we well behaved to just well-trained? What silly little people we are...
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