Sunday, June 03, 2007

Post Titled: Wu-Tang...huh?
Post Titled: Taking part in the imaginary Life

Just found the wierdest Wu-Tang song ever, a balad half in German... "Ich Kenne Nichts"
If you know Wu-Tang Clan at all then - yea, this is the most UN-Wu-Tang thing ever...
found on the Wu-Tang Corp. site MP3 list.
Wu-Tang, once being at the forefront of mass-marketed rap music in the late 1990's, now seems completely fragmentented, nonsensical and almost completely irrelevant, -however the RZA seems to maintain respect and visability within pop culture, thus being the only exception from the group that I can think of. ODB is also a kind of exception becuase he is dead... and will no longer show up to pick up his food stamps in a limosine. (true story.)

Hadn't seen this until now, Ol' Dirty Bastard's video for "Baby I got cha money" makes absolutely no sense...

Furthermore Furthermore
Having a television back in the house (after basically 10 years without) is like diving back into the game of the imaginary life, so odd... hm.


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