Sunday, June 03, 2007

Post Titled: The (Daily) Inaccuracy of Online Translation Services.

THe constant battle between Altavista Babelfish and (in my experience) is based on accuracy and options: namely Babelfish tends to give you what you want and Leo just throws two dozen possible tranlstion options for every word.
THis morning I entered "Qualleninstinkt" into Babelfish and got "Agony-Lenin-stunk" back... I will attribute that to a spelling error... furthermore, most of the Germans I know only use Leo, where did this brand loyalty come from? Qual does mean agony, though and strangely enought Babelfish offers no article attached to the nouns, the article is a PART of the word in German- hmml. Grr.

On the topic of words and information, I finally uploaded to the Internet Archive, first upload being the sound of a game of Galaga being played. Recorded in April 2007 at the Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin, Germany) from a group od arcade games functioning as an installation by the late Jason Rhoades, some of the other arcade games nearby can be heard in the background."
now if I could just figure out how to link directly to the mp3...
THe sound of a Jazz Band that was playing as I walked home along the Carl-Herz Ufer
a group of Greek men playing gituar and dancing, also along the canal.
also me reading about the dinosaur "Allosaurus" (actually used as a voice sample)


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Blogger jesika said...

oh wow! paul found your galaga audio stream already completely on his own!!! he's already incorporated it into a song that he was working on! he's been meaning to go back to the show to get sound. AMAZING coincidence.

6:54 pm  

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