Sunday, June 10, 2007

Post Titled: Eff You Photobucket, Boobs are not Porn, OK? Jeez. Most of us spend the first couple months of out lives with titties in out faces, sucking on nipples, so ONCE AGAIN: EFF you photobucket! stop deleting my goddamn g=fotos with boobies in them, just stop. I mean, shame on me as well for not just switiching to another service, bus still... c'mon

INdeed, the irony is that - as metioned before- at work there are copies of the BILD laying about, Germany's most popular newspaper... ugh, I give up. ok, wow, somebody actually sent me some funny spam:

oh, America. is is true that the 4-letter word law was repealed so they could play the Big Lwbowski on television of did I just dream that I read that in the Neue Zuricher Zeitung the other day,... the NZZ kind of sucks balls, by the way. Boring Swiss shit.

Ok, jetlag is clearly eating my brain straight mad-cow style. and I can't post any more photos of BILD boobs becuase the middle americans at the breakfast buffet behind me will totally bum-rush me and beat me to a pulp in the parking lont, scheisse. Fucking Switzerland.


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