Monday, July 16, 2007

Post Titled: Clever-and-or-Completely-Practical Use of Popular Social Site
What do you think of this new "O" logo? It reminds me of something... but what?...
(grumble, grumbel digging through pop-subconscious...)

Guess I haven't looked very in-depth at any one politican's MySpace Profile, but I was slightly impressed with Mr. Obama's HERE... I mean, this page is PACKED FULL- Embed codes, twitter box, and with "Top Friends" like "Barack has a Posse" and "Barack the Vote"...

I'm thinking this is the first sucessfully hip political web-thing I have seen in quite awhile, if/or ever. I mean, I have been hesitant lately to fully support Obama because I feel he has had to water himself down to meet the masses since announcing that he will be running... but then again... dunno, I have no reason not to support him at theis point. Even this early in the game I am still pretty sure he will win with or without my vote.
Just in case you were wondering about the origins of the "Has a Posse" stickers, read HERE. and
Frank Shepard Fairey here.

Whoa-ok, Obama Girls Vs. Guliani Girls Video:


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