Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Post Titled: INsanity fresh from the world of Bizznatch (uh, Business) and Politics, Economics and PR

This is quite a gem: CLICK "The Geographical Processes behind Innovation: A Europe-United
States Comparative Analysis
Riccardo Crescenzi (Università degli studi Roma Tre)
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose* (London School of Economics)
Michael Storper (London School of Economics and Sciences Po)"

Beppe Grillo's Blog is insane, but enjoyable-

SIXTYSECONDVIEW's most recent post
is also a bit astounding in its scope.

Then, don't you "Four men jailed over cartoon demo" have anything better to do? Oh, wait, that is coming from a guy who spends half his waking life sitting in front of a computer screen. But really, is the cartoon rage still raging? Isn't there something else to rage about by now?

Ooh, "Boy gets £44,000 in eBay parcel"


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