Friday, July 20, 2007

Post Titled: It is all smooshing together
So, there are rules at work, like, you are not supposed top check your personal emaiols except on breaks, but as of recently I have come across gray areas:

1. Social Networking sites. things like Xing, LinkedIn and Facebook are now (or now CAN be) just as much of work toos as play tools, so... uhh.

2. this blog. this blog is not really work or play...

3.OTHER people's blogs. might be useful, might have naked photos of them rolling around like a newborn on a fur rug, never know. Fortunately, I work in an environment that wouldn't actually care much if there was a naked girl on my screen since there are already naked girls in the ads on the subway.

4.ALL THOSE WIERD SITES. same as complaint above. gawker, boing boing, valleywag, the onion-esque and maybe 2 dozen others I can't evne remember until my eye meets the bookmark... all useful/trash. ok, so the onion is fake news, but still...

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