Thursday, July 19, 2007

Post Titled: Prinzessinnenbad

Just saw the film Prinzessinnenbad, a documentary about 3 girls in our neighborhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin. Really impressive little piece, "charming" if you can say that- I mean, not completely depressing but almost so- it is actually impressive that the girls have turned out as well as they have given the circumstances.

One of Nadine's first comments as we walked out of the theatre was how natural the girls seemed in front of the camera, as if they were unaware of the fact that they were being filmed. Most of the guys on the other hand are acting up or more-obviously acting in front of the camera.
We also wondered if a film like this can changed these girls' lives... at least now they are somewhat famous. However, I was surprised that there was no trace of the film or the girls on MsSpace - which you'd think by now would be an obviously integrated part of any independent film marketing campaign... Wonder if it has any kind of opening in the states yet...
(update: it has and has had favorable reviews, see below)

ON a daily basis one sees these types of teenagers all around, and of course one can only wonder what actually goes on in their heads and their lives- I actually came across a German review which desribed them as "prolltussis" (translates to- hmm, "ghetto-fabulous trashy chicks" or something close to that)which I think is an unfair judgement call because they are fairly "normal" withing their environment...

It was also completely surreal to watch a movie that was filmed so close to where we live that I was literally able to recognize the graffiti, I go through Kottbusser Tor twice daily, it is the station for the U-Bahn where I get on to go to work - and as I told a recent visitor "never will you come across such a hive of scum and villany" well, not really, that is an exaggeration- it comes across to me as being pretty harmless in a way, (it is Germany, afterall)but definitely not the cheeriest or best-smelling place. Coincidentally, we were at the "Prinzessinnenbad" two days ago(actually called Sommerbad Kreuzberg on Prinzenstrasse) and earlier in the summer we were practically forces to evacuate when a sudden storm rolled in- like in the opening of the film.
Apparently the english titled is "Pool Of Princesses" which is kind of shit, really, why eventranslate such a lovely word as Prinzessinnenbad?

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and Variety review here.


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