Monday, July 16, 2007

Post Titled: Sci-Fi on the Fly

OOh, RFID in Japan, so scary, so cool... so the question is to we/are we constantly writing out own future through Sci-FI?
Like, allow me to throw out a generalization: if "nerdier" people are more likely to read sci-fi AND more likely to work in scientific and technological research and development THEN do the authors of Science Fiction ultimately determine the look, feel, and goals of or ever-unraveling technological future?
Q:How many times in the past few years have I said "You know- like in BACK TO THE FUTURE 2?..."
A: a lot.
Although, now things are getting more Minority Reportish... like these RFID -enabled Posters- I mean, it READS you as you walk by- huh? Then informs you on your phone. Ugh, ÜBER-intrusive ads -alas, ...where is the 5th Element when I need it? I stil think The Fifth Element is a far more realistic future than most... despite the shape-shifting aliens and intergallactic battles, what I mean is the WAY people live int he 5th element- the chaos and the technology, that seems likely to me...


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