Monday, September 24, 2007

Post Titled: Blöder Amis kann kein Deutsch.
Except the ones that can read that. anyhow, I will reference this post sometime in the future, but for the moment, -in a moment of still during the workday when coming across another corporate feelgood website I was reminded of the role of the Stock Photo in life itself- the stock photo pretty much plays the same role in ads and marketing campaigns as a movie extra plays in a film. In the words of David Rabe spoken by Sean Penn in the film Hurly Burly: "we need guys like you in Hollywood to make the bullshit look real. You're expendable. You do not matter." sure the individual is expendable, but the value of the extra or the stock photo is priceless. Think, so much of online content for products, services or companies is either comprised of stock photos which reprecent the situations and moods which the company wants to put forward as a part of its public image, OR these images are full of actors shot in scenes especially for the ad- all completely orechestrated adn fake... all a part of the global mass perception of what life is all about... with as much cred and foothold in reality as a sitcom... including laugh-track.

This is an iStockPhoto found in a search for "love":


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