Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Post Titled: (rare? indulgent? unnecessary?) apologies from me to you:

1.Sorry for the recent lack of images in the blog, there should be more, but my laptop with Photoshop on it is getting old...

2. I apologise ahead of time as I may or may not be posting for the next 4 days.. that would be an all-time record.

Question: I heard a new Talib Kweli song on a fairly mainstream German radio station of all places the other day- and as a Talib Kweli song it was barely even recognisable- so the question is:
A. What happened, did I miss something, Bubba, where are you on this one?
B. Did Kweli pulls a Q-Tip "Amplified" on us? it's ok, Amplified is fun... just wasn't expecting it...

if Kweli has/did/does achieve solid commercial sucess, I suppose he deserves it by now... but will it be "another one bites the dust?"
and can he stop tucking his ear into his hat?-
oh, his site HERE, the song I heard plays automatically on the main page.
see also previous post: Jay-Z HP Re-Re-Revisited.

20 minutes later: ok, so the three songs looping on his site are pretty good... pretty catchy, hmpf.


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